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The Most Recent Trends in Malware Roundup

July 2, 2021

Every day a new development unfolds in the battle between cybersecurity and malware. Here are some of the most recent trends in malware threats you should know about.

1. Microsoft Office MSGraph

When it comes to charts and graphics, the devil is in the details. Microsoft Office is working to patch the latest of four vulnerabilities discovered in MSGraph that can be embedded in most Office documents. Click here to learn more about how these flaws could be exploited to execute malicious code. 

2. Bypassing Defenses in Popular Antivirus Solutions

To a hacker, rules are made to be broken, and some of their favorite rules to break are those set by popular antivirus software applications. As cybercriminals have gained more power, resources, and dedication to their craft, they have devised more ways to get around the measures meant to protect end users from malware. Uncover the details here.

3. Infected PDF Files

The research team at Palo Alto Networks detected a 1,160% increase in malicious PDF files from 2019 to 2021. As many employees worked from home during the pandemic, under fairly lax cybersecurity measures compared to what they would have in the office, hackers took the opportunity to ramp up their phishing attacks using PDFs. Check out the top five schemes here

4. Microsoft AMSI

When a new cyber defense mechanism emerges, malware developers see it as a new opportunity to attack. One of their latest targets is Microsoft’s Antimalware Scan Interface, or AMSI. Find out the bypass methods hackers are using to evade defenses here.  

Stay Informed of Recent Malware Trends 

For an even more in-depth breakdown of what’s trending in malware, check out the Center for Internet Security’s list of the top 10 malware in May 2021. And for more information on how to proactively prevent malware threats, contact us today.